Amazon Prime Credit Card

so I am an Amazon Prime Member. Last year amazon pushed one of its credit cards advertisement on my every visit. we had just moved and I had started a new job so for all those items I couldnt go get at walmart or bestbuy or samsclue I would simply order from amazon to be delivered. Since I was buying so much stuff from amazon, an Amazon Prime Card really seemed like a good choice. No hard pull of your credit report and unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase. I signed up. and that was a big mistake. all of sudden my deliveries went from next day to 5 days. at first I thought it might be those items are not in stock or are not readily available due to COVID-19 demand but I noticed anything I ordered from my Discover credit card came right as normal in 2 days.

I used all the cards to really test my theory, I would pay an order with a Visa or Master card then I would put one with amazon prime card. same thing. prime card orders were delayed. I started to sense that its intentional on amazon part. if they have to give me back 2% then they can save that from shipping. to see if its only with amazon backed prime card or its the same with Amazon Credit Card issued by Chase Bank I signed up with chase and used that to make a purchase and there it was. I placed an order on Tuesday and its suppose to be delivered on Sunday. really not acceptable.

I havent used amazon prime card in a few months now and dont plan to use amazon chase credit card either just due to this tactic thats not kool. I have also found that bestbuy and walmart both do price match on the spot if their price is higher than amazon.

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